Chapter XL How the pilgrim was transformed

Description of the rebirth

While I was speaking, the light about me began to increase and I perceived that those pictures, which I had formerly seen faded and broken, became whole, clearly observable, and beautiful. Indeed, they began to move before my eyes. Likewise, the scattered and broken wheels were assembled into one whole and produced a wonderful instrument, like a clock, manifesting the courses of the world and God’s marvelous government of it. The ladders, leading up to the window through which the heavenly light was streaming, were also repaired, and I understood that by means of them I could peer out into the beyond. The plucked wings which I had observed previously now received new and large feathers, and the Lord who had spoken with me took them and fastened them to my back. “My son, I dwell in two places,” he said, “in the glory of my heaven and in the contrite heart on earth. Hence, I desire that you also should have two habitations; one here at home, where I have promised to dwell with you, and the other with me in heaven. I give you these wings (which are the desire of eternal +99things) that with them you may reach heaven; you will be able, whenever you wish, to lift yourself up to me, that we may have delight in each other.”